Aspergers Summer Camp New Jersey Children Experience the Most Fun

Are you looking for some summer fun for your precious little one? Here, at our Aspergers summer camp New Jersey Families find a solution for summer fun that might suit your child. Whether it is one-on-one or in a small group, our mission is to provide your child with the best summer experience.

Our Camp Programs and Activities

Aspergers Summer Camp New Jersey

Our programs are tailored to the needs of children diagnosed with Aspergers. The programs are suitable for a large range of ages, requirements, and interests. Each and every program is created with one thing on mind – to promote fun and learning at the same time.

The best part about our programs is the fact that they enable our campers to get out of their comfort zones to the point where they feel comfortable and happy. Our Aspergers summer camp New Jersey offers camper-focused Aspergers activities that motivate the campers to expand their knowledge while having the best summer time of their life.

Our summer in-camp activities include art and crafts, science, pool, field games, slip and slide, canoeing, tree climbing, pond games, archery, campus-wide special events, and more.

Our off-campus activities include whitewater rafting, rock climbing, hiking, tubing, horseback riding, and etc.

The programs are divided into 3 categories, pre-teen, teen, and young adult. They are created with a chance for real life experiences, meeting new friends, and learning new skills. Our camp program provides a fun and safe environment that includes:

  • Structured teaching methods
  • Daily living routines are integrated into our camp activities as appropriate
  • Sensory-based activities that improve a camper’s capability to take advantage of communication opportunities
  • Highly skilled and trained staff
  • Program content that supports social skills, play skills, and participation in group activities
  • Relaxation activities that improve self-regulation

How Specialized is Our Staff

Our highly competent staff has worked in our Aspergers summer camp New Jersey families love for years now. They have experience and organization skills that help them run our camp perfectly. Their passion for helping children with Aspergers and creating unforgettable summer memories for them is just fascinating.

Most of the staff at Talisman, an Aspergers summer camp New Jersey families trust, are graduates or college students who are specialized in fields such as outdoor leadership, psychology, education, and etc. They are looking for a place where that can apply their knowledge and it turns out that our camp is the ideal place for that.

They all have experience working with children and teens with Aspergers syndrome and are selected from hundreds of applications by our leadership team because of their kindness, empathy, and awareness into the campers with Aspergers.

Our Assistant Director is Cory Greene and he spent more than 16 years in specializing in wilderness therapy. He worked in special education in the Buncombe County School System and is a family favorite as a leader in our Aspergers summer camp New Jersey teens love. Our staff are the best of the best and provide an excellent summer experience for every camper.

What Parents Have to Say about our Aspergers Summer Camp New Jersey

The reviews and testimonials from the parents and our campers are something that are extremely important to us. We tend to provide the best camp experience for our campers and always overcome their expectations. The positive testimonials motivate us to keep doing what we know best. For example one parent once wrote us that he is feeling so comfortable seeing his child having so much fun. By looking at the pictures we posted, he is more than thankful that he chose Talisman – Aspergers Summer Camp New Jersey.

Another parent wrote us that its child is feeling happier when he is at Talisman and that our camp means a lot to their entire family. See more here>>

These comments prove that we are on the right way to make children with Aspergers to feel normal and comfortable in their own skin.

Our goal is to create an environment where the campers can enjoy everyday activities while learning important things at the same time.

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We believe that every parent wants to provide the best summer for their child. So, allow us to assist you and make this a reality. Allow our experienced staff to create a comfortable and nurturing environment for your child and put a smile on their face.

Our purpose has always been to offer a supportive, safe, and fun camp experience for children, teens, and young adults with Aspergers syndrome. Let’s create happy memories together, memories that your child can remember for their whole life! Talisman Camp is waiting for you! (We work with families from all over the country as an Aspergers summer camp New Jersey families choose)


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