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Talisman Camps is an Aspergers summer camp Massachusetts families love. We provide specialized summer experiences for children with Asperger’s Syndrome. We were created and designed to offer your child the most amazing camp experience in a safe structured environment where they can flourish.  Our staff is highly knowledgeable and trained to have a deeper understanding of specialized needs relevant to Asperger’s syndrome.  

What is so special about our Aspergers Summer Camp Massachusetts

Aspergers Summer Camp Massachusetts

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We have completely understand how important communication with your child is while they are away from you. That is why we aim to keep you always updated, informed, and connected to your child without interrupting their fun and learning time at our camp.

These are the methods we use to keep you in active communication with your child:

  • Regular Phone Calls: During the time your child visits our camp we call the parents once in one week with information and updates.
  • E-Mail Updates – Our Leadership team shares emails once a week with more common information and updates about your child’s experience at the camp.
  • Sharing Photos and Camp News – If you want you can send emails to your child. The emails are printed and handed over to your child. If your child wants to return the message, we scan it and we sent it back to you. Also, our photo gallery filled with photos from the exciting activities and events is updated regularly.
  • Writing Letters – We make sure that all campers know they can write a letter home. It is our tradition and we encourage the children to write at least once a week.
  • Contact Program – The parents can call or email our camp at any time. Our leadership is on service 24 hours a day!  

Each summer the campers experience the advantages of our camp program that offers fun, memories, and friends for a lifetime.

Our Specialized Camp Staff

We are proud to have one of the most dedicated and experienced staff. The staff at our Aspergers summer camp Massachusetts were selected for their maturity and for their experience in working with children with Aspergers syndrome.

We aim to offer the greatest experiences  for our campers in all 3 categories pre-teen, teen, and young adult. Our greatest motivation and joys are the incredible experiences and the smiles that our campers have enjoyed at our camp.

Our Teens program manager is Zach from Denville. As he says, he love Talisman. Zach is specializing in psychology and enjoy spending time outdoor kayaking, hiking, and building campfires. Zach is 3 years on staff.

Why Your Child Wins at Summer Camp

It is proven that group activities are the perfect way to develop independence, enhance self-esteem, and improve social skills in an exciting and secure environment. The campers are allowed to participate in a huge range of daily events and activities that inspire independence and confidence.

Usually, after such summer camps, children show enhanced emotional and social behavior, independent functioning, and communication skills. Our Aspergers summer camp Massachusetts offer help, education, and safety for children.

This camp is created to offer a supportive environment and the events and activities are created to concentrate on healing and adaptive recreation. It definitely offers an educational and enjoyable experience. Our camp helps young boy and girls to gain social confidence and to improve their life skills.

The parents can totally agree with us and here is why. We constantly receive positive testimonials about the experiences children have at our camp. These are some of those testimonials:

  • “Thanks for the info and for being a big part of our son’s very positive camp experience. We really appreciate it!” – Talisman Parent
  • “I have seen a huge difference as far as personal responsibility. He is much calmer and his social skills seem much better. You need to take the chance because it makes a huge difference and it gives parents some time to be a couple again as well” – Talisman Parent
  • “Talisman helped make me a much better person because they taught me how to tolerate other people” – Former Camper

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We are the best program for you!

Our Aspergers summer camp Massachusetts allows children to experience the best summer days of their lives through games and educational games! Besides helping young children we create friendships and happy memories for them that are going to last for the rest of their lives!

Aspergers Summer Camp Massachusetts: Boston, Cape Cod, Worchester, Springfield, Lowell

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