Aspergers Summer Camp New Jersey for Unforgettable Summer Adventures

Each summer campers come to Talisman Camps from all over the country. As an Aspergers summer camp New Jersey families count on we prepare all year to give our campers the best summer ever. Campers arrive excited about making new friends, improving their social skills, acquire confidence and have a summer filled with laughs and fun memories.

All about Our Camp

aspergers summer camp new jerseyTalisman Camps is an Aspergers summer camp New Jersey families choose to ensure their kids have a great summer.  We provide a safe environment for campers to learn and have fun.

Every activity at Talisman’s camp for ADHD and autism spectrum kids is designed for fun, as well as hands-on learning. In the morning, campers complete their personal hygiene routine and chores with the help of a morning checklist. They emerge from their newly renovated cabins at 8:15 a.m. for morning group, where they set goals and discuss the schedule for the day. By pre-processing what to expect, our campers feel less anxious and are prepared for success. These habits can carry on to their home environment to make life much easier on parents.

We are proud to say Talisman programs have been extremely beneficial to families all around the country.  As an Aspergers summer camp New Jersey families call us interested in our camp and how we can help their child have a great summer. They want to know what makes our camp special. 

What Makes Our Camp Special

Parents love Talisman Camps because we help their children to have a happy and productive summer. We communicate well leading up to camp and especially once your camper arrives here.  Our Admissions Director, Robiyn Mims works around the clock to answer your questions and ensure your child is a good fit for our program.

At Talisman, we offer a traditional summer camp experience for children and campers diagnosed with Asperger’s, high-functioning autism and ADHD. We have programs for a wide range of ages, interests and needs. We create each activity specifically to promote fun and learning. All of our activities are challenge-by-choice, which allows our campers to push their comfort zones as far as they feel comfortable. Talisman provides camper-focused autism activities that encourage campers to learn and grow while having the time of their life.

Our Arts and Crafts, Science Classes, Archery, Slingshots, Canoeing, and Special events engage our campers On-Campus. The fun never stops here but it does continue off campus during weekly outings.  Off-Campus we Rock Climb, Kayak, Hike, Zipline, and we go white water rafting. This is truly a unique experience where your child will have a chance to live a non-stop action packed summer. We are an Aspergers Summer Camp New Jersey families love!

Talisman Camps can offer the opportunity for new experiences, adventures and ways of learning things. We can highlight your child’s strengths and improve its social interaction, communication, and behavior. So allow us to create the best summer memories your child will never forget!

Contact us today to learn more about our Aspergers Summer Camp New Jersey families choose! 1-828-697-6313
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