Information on ADHD & Autism Camps for Girls and Boys Like YOU!

Information on ADHD & Autism Camps for Girls and Boys just like YOU!

Hello Camper,

We hope you are excited for the upcoming summer! I know I am, as is the rest of our terrific staff, many of whom have been part of Talisman for years. We even have some former campers on our staff.

Regardless if it is your first or seventh summer at Talisman Summer Camp, one thing you can be sure of is that you will have a ton of fun. You might even learn a few things, but we are excited about all of the new things you are going to teach us.

Here at Talisman, we are just like you. We like to be awesome and have as much fun as possible, and what is more fun and awesome than hanging out with a bunch of people who are just like you? At camp, we make sure to put campers in groups with other kids that are similar to them. This is a crucial ingredient to the ultimate friendship-building formula. All that needs to be added is you!

You see, at Talisman, we really like to make new friends, and we can’t do that without you. While you are at Talisman, you will participate in a bunch of fun activities.  We hope you are ready to have a lot of fun, try some new things, learn some new things and make a bunch of new friends, because at Talisman all of that is guaranteed.

Wait, we almost forgot! We thought you might like to see a schedule of a typical day at our camp, so if you CLICK HERE, it will take you to a page that will talk about what goes on here in a normal day. That way you know what to expect when you get here.

Well, again, we hope you are as excited as we are for this summer. We can’t wait to see you again if you are returning for another year, and we especially can’t wait to meet you if you are one of our many new campers!

See you soon,

Doug Smathers
Owner and Director, Talisman Camps