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Give your child a summer to remember at our specialized Autism summer camp New York teens choose! We can offer a friendly and nurturing environment where your child can feel safe while socializing  and growing!

Introduction to Our Camp – Why Autism Summer Camp New York Parents Choose is the Best Place for Your Child

There are many summer camps that can provide you with a traditional camping experience, but we are different than the others in many ways. We always take the needs and interests of our campers into consideration. It allows us to create games, activities, and events according to their specific needs and to encourage them to push their comfort zone as far as they think it is comfortable. This how we motivate campers to learn new things, develop and improve their social skills, and have the best time of their life.

At our specialized Autism summer camp New York teens rave about, we are all the same! We like to have fun and enjoy the summer activities through laughter and happiness. We are here to help your child diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder to have the best summer experience.

Autism Summer Camp New YorkThe Camp Program

We divided the campers into 3 groups – child, teen, and adult.

  • Child Group – The child group is designed for children from age 6 to age 13 and includes a variety of activities and games to meet the different needs and interests of the campers. The programs which are part of the child group are Discovery, Foundations, and Sight.
  • Teen Group – If your teen is looking for an unforgettable camp experience, we can ensure you this is the perfect place where he or she can feel comfortable while building friendships with other campers of their age. The teen group is for teens from age 17 to age 14 and the programs which are part of this group are Insight, Hook and Tackle, Quest, Caves and Climbing, Tri-Adventures, and Build and Destroy.
  • Adult Group – Our camp provides an excellent experience for young adults from age 18 to 22 who need to build independence, confidence, and life skills. The adult group includes Young Adult Program and Krewe Program.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our Autism summer camp New York! We are going to create happy summer memories together! Come and meet our whole team!

For more information on our camp for kids with Autism please call, 1-828-697-6313

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