Autism Summer Camp North Carolina

Specialized Autism Summer Camp North Carolina for Unforgettable Camp Experience

Our specialized Autism summer camp North Carolina can offer your little boy or girl an exceptional camp experience, unforgettable summer memories, and friendships for a lifetime!

Introduction to Summer Camp North Carolina

We are an experienced and specialized summer camp for children diagnosed with high-functioning Autism. Since our beginning, 35 years ago, we are focused on treating each and every camper as a unique individual who deserves to have a normal childhood, social communication and integration with other children, and summer enjoyment and fun.

Our specialized Autism summer camp North Carolina welcomes all children and young adults who are interested in growing and improving life skills in a friendly and nurturing environment.

Meet Our Staff

Our friendly and amazing staff have many years of experience and because of their passion to build relationships with campers, we are proud to say that we had witnessed many generations of children walk into the camp and walk again next year seeking new things they can learn and a desire to create new summer memories.

Autism Summer Camp North Carolina

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Each member of our staff is chosen because of the knowledge and the maturity they possess and the personal experience in working with children who are diagnosed with Autism. All children have a positive and supportive experience which motivates them, even more, to work on their skills and to be better at the activities and games we organize.

You are more than welcome to come visit our camp and meet our friendly staff in person! We can provide you with all information you need about the application process and explain to you how a day in our camp actually goes.

Our programs are filling quickly and there are only a few more spaces available in each program, so if you want to give your child a summer to remember, contact us as soon as you can via phone or e-mail!

For more information on our camp for kids with Autism please call, 1-828-697-6313

Autism Summer Camp North Carolina : Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem