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One Day at Our Educational Autism Camp Louisiana Teens Choose

Discover how one day at our specialized Autism camp Louisiana Teens Choose goes – including the activities we organize, our daily schedule, and our daily routines!

A Day at Our Camp

Each day at our specialized Autism camp starts with a usual morning routine – cleaning of the cabin and taking care of the personal hygiene. We teach campers about the importance of taking care of their hygiene in the morning and in the night as well. Once we are all done with the morning routine, we move to the kitchen where we enjoy a healthy breakfast.

The meals are specially prepared with the children’s nutritional needs in mind. After the breakfast, we have a quick morning meeting where we discuss the activities for the day. We split into two groups – in-camp group and off-camp group. The campers in the first group stay in the camp, while the other campers go outside the camp.

Both groups are supervised by our professional and experienced staff members. The activities included in on-camp groups are more suitable for beginners, while the activities included in the off-camp groups are for more adventurous children.

ADHD in teensRegardless of the group your child is going to be, enjoyment and fun are guaranteed.

We start our morning activities and we enjoy the day. After we are done, we have a group meeting where we discuss our experiences, problems, or concerns. After the meeting, we all enjoy a delicious lunch.

After lunch, we split again and we continue with the activities. Each day we organize different activities. We want children to experience real summer adventures and happy moments they are going to remember for the rest of their lives.

In the afternoon, we have our final group meeting where all campers of all ages share something new that they have learned that day, something they are proud of from the day, and something positive that happened to them that day. Once our meeting is done, we enjoy dinner.

After dinner,  we prepare for a good night’s sleep so we can do it again the next day! 

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