Specialized Autism Camp Iowa Families Trust

Specialized Autism Camp Iowa Families Trust: Are You Ready to Have an Unforgettable Summer?!

Looking for a place where you child can experience the best summer memories? Look no further, as our specialized Autism camp Iowa Families Trust is all you need! Prepare to have an unforgettable summer, filled with friends, games, and fun!

About our Specialized Autism Camp Iowa Families Trust: What You Should Know about Our Camp

We are a specialized and educational camp based in North Carolina. Our mission is to create a calm, friendly, and nurturing environment where boys and girls ages 6 to 22 who are diagnosed with highly-functioning Autism can develop and improve their social and academic skills.

Our specialized Autism camp has a reputation of being the best camp for children, teens, and young adults. Why?

Because we cater to campers’ needs and we design our camp programs according to campers’ age and interest. Through our camp programs, we encourage campers to communicate more, build new friendships, hang out with other children of their age, try and learn new things, and enjoy every moment of every day at the camp.

Our Camp Programs

We offer different camp programs for different ages, needs, and interest. Each camp program is designed to help campers grow socially and academically. Our goals are to teach children, help them get out of their comfort zone, and provide fun and enjoyment for all campers, regardless of the age.


Here are our camp programs:

  • Discovery Program –  for campers ages 6-7 and it is also suitable for first-timers.
  • Sight Program – suitable for campers ages 8 -13.
  • Insight Program –  suitable for teens ages 14 – 17.
  • Adventure Program: Quest, Hook and Tackle, Tri-Adventures, Caves & Climbing – suitable for teens ages 14 – 17
  • Leadership – suitable for campers ages 16 – 22.  
  • Krewe –  suitable for campers ages 16 – 22.
  • Young Adult Program – A camp program suitable for young adults ages 18 – 22.

Come and Visit Our Camp!

If you have any additional questions about our camp, our camp programs, and the activities we organize, please don’t hesitate to browse our website or get in touch with us.

Our specialized Autism camp Iowa families trust is here to provide you with all information you need and ensure you we are the perfect environment for your boy or girl with Autism disorder.

Let’s make a positive change together! Come and visit our camp! Call TODAY!

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