Aspergers Camp Connecticut

Customized Camp Program – See why we are the Aspergers Camp Connecticut Families Love

Our Aspergers camp Connecticut Teens Choose is an ideal destination for your child with Aspergers Syndrome as we provide customized camp program according to your child’s needs, interests, and skills!

Introduction to Our Camp

Aspergers Camp Connecticut

Good Times

Our camp is established with one thing in mind – to provide children with the best summer camp experience!

Our Aspergers camp Connecticut families love is known for offering a traditional camp experience for kids who may face bullying or challenges at other summer camps. We are special because we provide a customized camp program that can meet the campers’ needs. The activities at our program are tailored to the campers’ interests.  

The Counselors at Our Camp

Thanks to our amazing staff, our program is a favorite camp destination among children. Our friendly counselors have backgrounds in education, psychology, recreational therapy, and other related fields. Almost all of them have worked in summer camps before so their dedication and passion towards this kind of work allow them bring past experience to the table in order to create a fun, safe, and educational environment for your child.

staff3Robiyn Mims is our Admissions director. She has worked with every family that has enrolled in our program since 1998. Robiyn is one of the reasons we are the Aspergers camp Connecticut families choose and is of the owners of Talisman Camps. She is a parent favorite and is ready to answer your questions about our program.

We are one big family here and we provide the utmost care for each and every camper! 

Join us this summer!

Children at our camp are the center of our attention. Their needs and interests are crucial to us and we do everything that we can to meet those needs. Each summer we help hundreds of campers to improve their confidence, learn how to communicate better, how to build friendships, how to solve problems, and more.

We make a real positive difference in their lives, as they to ours!

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