Aspergers Camp Delaware

Our Aspergers Camp Delaware Families Choose Offers Fun & Unforgettable Summer Memories

If you want your child to experience the best moments of its life – visiting our Aspergers camp Delaware Families Love is all you need to do!

Our Aspergers Camp Delaware Teens Rave About

Aspergers Camp Delaware

You guys have fun!?!

At our camp, we focus on only one thing and that is to give your child the summer they deserve! We believe that every child should experience a traditional camp experience. Talisman camps offers every camper summer fun, summer games, and summer friendships.  We focus our program on kids with Aspergers and understand the struggles they face and we know how to build a perfect environment where they can thrive. 

We embrace your child’s strengths and uniqueness. We show them through games and various activities how brave, smart, and special they are to us, to their families, and to the rest of the world.

Children diagnosed with Aspergers have amazing talents in a number of areas such as photography, sport, music, art, cooking, design, filmmaking, politics, and much more. So, we help your child discover their talents and develop them.

Is My Child Going to Be Safe Here?

This is one of the questions parents ask as they contact us. Our summer camp is accredited with the American Camp Association and passes many national and state accreditations and reviews. 

To a lot of our parents Bullying is a main concern.  Their children may struggle at home with bullying or negative behaviors from peers. At our camp, your child will be safe and without a possibility to be bullied or to bully. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in areas important to building a health and respectful community. 

According to the experts, children with Aspergers Syndrome may be at increased risk for being bullied. But, this is where our Aspergers camp Delaware teens choose comes in to create a safe and fun summer environment.

With the help of our counselors and the friendly staff, children learn how to be successful in various environments and how to create lasting friendships.

Join us this summer!

At our camp, we respect each other and focus on the positive! 

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