Aspergers Summer Camp Delaware

Enjoy the summer at the Aspergers Summer Camp Delaware families love. 

If you want your child to have the best summer of their life then our Aspergers summer camp Delaware teens choose is the place you are looking for!

All You Need to Know about Our Aspergers Summer Camp Delaware Kids Love

Aspergers Summer Camp Delaware

Hi Mom! I missed you.

Our camp is a perfect place for children diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. We offer a calm and friendly environment where children can feel safe and confident enough to let go and have a fun summer. It is a place where children socialize, build their confidence, and learn new things.

The best thing at our camp is our amazing and experienced staff. The staff will make sure your child has the best summer of their life. By playing all kinds of games, participating in various activities, and being a part of the special events, children establish deep relationships with our counselors which help them get out of their comfort zone and embrace their uniqueness.

Meet the Counselors at Our Aspergers Summer Camp Delaware Parents Choose

We completely understand how important is for you as a parent to know who are going to be the counselors that are going to work with your child!

At our camp, the counselors are responsible for supervising our children, teens, and the young adults. All of our counselors are qualified and experience to be successful in this job. They are specialized in psychology, education, recreational therapy, and other fields. Besides their professionalism, they are passionate to work with children, to meet their needs and help them overcome the obstacles at the camp and later in life.

Before we hire a new member of our team, be do thorough background checks. The training program starts few weeks before the camps open and it includes CPR, first aid, medication management, lifeguarding, and special education about the Aspergers Syndrome.

Over the summer, the counselors become like a temporary family to the campers. They establish personal and friendly connections with the campers, making the camp experience even more meaningful.

At our Aspergers summer camp Delaware families choose the good time is guaranteed! Allow us to take care of your child’s happiness and make this summer unforgettable!

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