Asperger’s School

Why choose an Asperger’s School

An Asperger’s School is specifically designed for children and teens with Asperger’s Syndrome. Most Asperger’s children don’t understand how human relationships work and express their emotions in unpredictable ways. They can benefit from a school setting with teachers and students who understand what they are going through.

Children with Asperger’s

Asperger’s children and teens are highly intelligent and are often interested in very specific subjects- such as bugs, planes, or trees.  They may learn a substantial amount about their favorite subject.

When they interact with others, they may sometimes speak passionately about whatever subject they are interested in. However, these interactions are typically one-sided and end up being more of a lesson about the subject than a conversation. This is one reason children with Asperger’s don’t make friends easily.

Outcomes of an Asperger’s School  Aspergers School

When attending an Asperger’s School, students learn how to succeed in academic and social environments. Talisman Semesters is a great example of an Asperger’s school that really cares about its students. After attending Talisman Semesters, students who much more confidence socially and academically. They also participate in positive activities they would never have dreamed of participating in before the program.

Talisman Semesters Helps

At an Asperger’s School, teachers can help children and teens learn social skills and build a sense of self awareness. The Asperger’s School at Talisman caters to the emotional and social needs of students with Asperger’s. They do this by:

    • Offering academic programs only to boys ages 12-17. This helps the program focus specifically on the needs of this group.
    • Creating a community during the semester-long program. This encourages students to form relationships and increase social skills.
    • Assessing and building social skills. By intentionally creating an environment where boys with Asperger’s can increase social skills, we increase their chances of success.
    • Helping them learn academic skills to take home with them. The academic program is designed to help teens with Asperger’s increase motivation and competence in any classroom.

Contact Talisman Semesters

Talisman Semesters is unique among Asperger’s schools. To get the education your son deserves , please call 828.697.6313.