Aspergers School Resources New York

We are a summer camp, but we know parents are searching for help. We wanted to put together an Aspergers School Resources New York families can trust. The information below has been researched to simplify finding help.

Heading back to school can be a trying time for Autism Spectrum Disorder students, and in return it is a challenging time for parents as well. Most students are lucky if they go to a specialized school for ASD, but many attend traditional schools where knowledge of the intricacies of ASD are not as prevalent.

These are some of the top resources by search for some of the population centers of New York state.

Aspergers School Resources New YorkAspergers School Resources NYC>>

Aspergers Therapist Resources NYC>>

Aspergers School Resources Buffalo(great resources overall!)>>

Aspergers Therapist Resources Buffalo>>

Aspergers School Resources Rochester>>

Aspergers Therapist Resources Rochester>>

Sometimes the best resources are shared, so a quick look for a parenting group can be a really helpful resource as well. Look for message boards in your area, meet up groups, and even reach out to people within your school.

Going back to school can be tought. Below are three things to consider sharing with new teachers each school year. I would try to ask questions to understand how much your son’s or daughter’s teacher knows and share a few simple tips.

  1. Schedules matter! – Depending on the your child’s needs keeping a schedule can be one of the most important parts of their day. Routine makes the lives of Aspergers Spectrum DIsorder students so much easier. If there is going to be deviation from the schedule update the student and share these changes with them.
  2. Create an info sheet – Not really an info sheet as much as a summary page. One sided, easy to get a preview of what a teacher can do to make your child as successful as possible. This can help avoid a lot of the “working the kinks out” days and weeks as a teacher learns to work with a spectrum child. Think of it as getting a head start in a race!
  3. Rules and timeout options – Sharing rules upfront is highly suggested. If this is something your child needs more than other you may want to talk to your teacher before the school year starts. Knowing your rules, and the classroom rules can create an environment of success. I would also remind the teacher that at times the ability of your child to remove themselves from a challenging situation/stimulation is necessary. You can go into detail as to what helps but sensory breaks are essential.

No matter what may be a head in the year to come we know you and your child will come out on top!

As summer gets closer feel free to contact us for more information or to reserve your spot for this summer!