Aspergers School Resources in Florida

Each year Talisman Camps helps families find a summer solution for their children. We provide some of the best summer programming in the nation and we have for decades.  Checkout the links below for some Aspergers School Resources in Florida and email us if we missed anything and we will add them!

When school rolls around we want parents to look at some of the options they have and resources in their local communities. We have put together some resources that can help parents to identify support within their community. Aspergers school resources in Florida was born from a goal of helping ASD students find success.

We have compiled some info for the largest metro areas in Florida, please call us for more info!

Aspergers School Resources in FloridaMiami

Resources for Aspergers Schools in Miami>>

Resources for Aspergers Therapists in Miami>>


Resources for Aspergers Schools Orlando>>

Resources for Aspergers Therapists in Orlando>>


Resources for Aspergers Schools Tampa>>

Resources for Aspergers Therapists in Tampa>>


Resources for Aspergers Schools Jacksonville>>

Resources for Aspergers Therapists in Jacksonville>>


While we have spoken with some of these therapists and are aware of these schools the best option of you and your family is to contact any program you are interested in and tour their facility.

Miss Robiyn(Our Admissions Director/Owner) is an expert in this area and can help answer questions and give more detailed answers on how to find the best aspergers school resources in Florida. We work with educational consultants from all over the country to help provide answers to tough questions.

When your ASD child looks to start a new school year here are a few things to consider as you speak with educational professionals about the needs of your ASD child:

  • Sticking to a structured routine is best! This could just be from the first bell of the day to the last but ASD students do the best when they have structured schedules each day.
  • If the routine changes try to frontload the changes – This sounds silly but a little prep helps a lot, so try to get infront of schedule changes.
  • Offer clear cut rules and guidelines – This helps avoid the dreaded interaction of “WHY?” any time an unspoken rule has to change.
  • Avoid slang and keep communication short and to the point – Using slang or long winded responses can confuse or muddy the water in what you really want. Teachers can benefit from this advice!

We hope your search for appropriate school/therapy options is short and successful. When summer rolls around give us a call and check availability! Each summer we help Aspergers kids:

  • Increase social competence
  • Make friends
  • Build confidence
  • Have fun!

Contact us today!