Aspergers School Resources Georgia

As a summer program we hope to set our campers up for success once they return home for the school year. Aspergers school resources Georgia parents can trust are important to success. School success is super dependent on a few different things:

  • Is your school supportive of Aspergers Spectrum Disorder students?
  • How much do your teachers know about ASD?
  • Does your school leadership, teachers, staff share information on students?

These are general questions but can be useful when looking at the school year ahead and how successful your child will be. We have put together some local resources for Atlanta, Savannah, and Athens for parents looking to connect with professionals in the area. This is not the end all be all guide but it should help. If you have questions, or want to add your link to this site contact us today!

Aspergers School Resources GeorgiaAtlanta

Aspergers School Resources Atlanta

Aspergers Therapist Resources Atlanta


Aspergers School Resources Savannah

Aspergers Therapists Resources Savannah


Aspergers School Resources Athens

Aspergers Therapists Resources Athens


Looking forward we have a few suggestions heading into the school year parents can use to be successful. Most of these suggestions are based around communication of needs and supporting your child in the classroom the same way you support them at home.

  1. Make a summary sheet for teachers – This is important and a really good use of time. Teachers over the year will learn more about your son or daughter but a summary sheet is a great way to start off the year. This is the equivalent to starting off a race with a huge head start.
  2. Keep to a schedule – As I am sure you know, schedules are like gold! Knowing what is ahead for an ASD student helps to keep a level expectation on the day. This will mean less behavioral challenges and more time spent effectively during the day.
  3. Plan for sensory timeouts and breaks – Knowing rules is important, when and what is expected helps a lot but one unavoidable factor is that everyone will need breaks throughout the day. This is a chance to reset and offer a sensory break from challenging environments.

No matter what may be a head in the year to come we know you and your child will come out on top!

As summer gets closer feel free to contact us for more information or to reserve your spot for this summer!