Autism Summer Camp Tennessee Families Choose

A Day at Our Autism Summer Camp Tennessee Kids Love

Planning on signing up your child for a summer camp? Discover how a day at our unique autism summer camp Tennessee families trust goes and why we are your best choice!


One Day at the Camp

We start each day with a standard morning procedure – taking care of ourselves and our personal hygiene and then cleaning the cabin. We advise campers that it is extremely important to take care of their hygiene not only in the morning, but before bed as well. Once we are done with our morning routine, we all move to the kitchen where we have our delicious breakfast, specially prepared by our chefs who are taking excellent care of all of us.

Each meal is prepared with the campers’ nutritional needs in mind and each day we enjoy a different meal. After our healthy breakfast, we organize a morning meeting to discuss and talk about the activities we are going to have that day. We organize the campers into two groups – camp-based and adventure-based. The children in the camp-based group stay in the camp, and the children in the adventure-group go outside our camp.

Regardless of which group your child is in, we supervise them and make sure that their safety and security is maintained.  The only difference between these two groups is the type of activities we organize. We can ensure you that fun and excitement are guaranteed in both groups.

Once we are done with the activities, we have a group meeting where we talk about our problems, experiences, concerns, etc. After the meeting, we move to the kitchen where we have a delicious lunch.

ADHD in teensAfter lunch, we separate again and continue with our games and activities. At our Autism summer camp Tennessee families choose, we organize various activities each day. We want campers to experience real camp adventures and unforgettable moments that they are going to remember forever.

In the afternoon, we have another quick meeting and then we all enjoy dinner. Once we are done with the dinner, we have our nighttime routine and we prepare for bed.

Come and Visit Our Autism Summer Camp Tennessee

We can ensure you that we are the best place for your child diagnosed with Autism! Come and visit our specialized Autism summer camp Tennessee and spend the day with us!


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