Autism Camp Ohio Teens Choose

Specialized Autism Camp Ohio Teens Choose: Have your child enjoy the best summer adventure!

Our specialized autism camp Ohio is offering you an opportunity to have your child enjoy the best summer camp adventure of their life! Come and visit us!

About Our Camp

We are a specialized camp for boys and girls who have been diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. Our camp is an ideal place for children, teens, and young adults ages 6-22 struggling with ASD.

We have different camp programs in order to meet a wide range of ages, interests, and needs. We create a calm and nurturing environment where campers can feel free and can communicate with other children of their own age. Through our specialized programs and activities, we help children further develop their social skills and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our specialized autism camp Ohio parents trust is a safe place where your child can learn, meet new friends, and have fun at the same time.

Pre-Camp Webinars 

Camp fun

Camp fun

We completely understand how challenging it can be for parents and other family members to be separated from their child, even if it is just for a week or two.  Some parents have children who have been attending our camp for years, while others are considering our camp for the first time. For our first time attendees,  we organize pre-camp webinars. The webinar serves as a Q&A for parents and potential campers – for any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

Our camp also hosts two e-campfires. E-campfires are online meeting sessions that allow campers to connect and meet prior to camp season. This early interaction allows children to develop new relationships before camp even begins!  

If you are interested in signing up to one of our webinars of e-campfires, please contact us!

Visit our Specialized Autism Camp Ohio Families Prefer

So, are you ready for your child to create unforgettable summer memories? Are you ready for them to meet new friends and further develop their social skills? Call and plan an awesome summer today!

Visit our camp and have endless fun!

Ohio : Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton. Parma, Canton, Youngstown, Lorain