Autism Camp Mississippi Teens Excel At

Come and Visit Our Autism Camp Mississippi Teens Excel At

We invite you to come and visit our Autism Camp Mississippi kids Love! Talisman Camps is for boys and girls ages 6-22 with Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, and other social and developmental learning differences!

About Our Focused Autism Camp Mississippi

Based in North Carolina, we are a specialized summer camp for boys and girls from ages 6 to age 22 who are diagnosed with Aspergers, Autism, or ADHD. These children usually have difficulties in communication, expressing themselves, and behaving properly in a normal environment.

We are here to balance these things out and offer professional assistance to all children who want to overcome these challenges. We create a calm and nurturing environment where campers can feel safe and protected and promote socializing with other campers of their age.

At our focused Autism Camp Mississippi parents choose, we assist campers and help them to overcome problems related to communication and socialization, all while having the best summer of their life.

Groups and Activities We Organize at the Camp

We organize a lot of activities, games, and events at our summer camp. We usually divide the campers into two groups: a campus-based group and an adventure-based group. In the first group, we include activities such as tree climbing, science, pool, tie-dye, field games, pond games, blacktop games, and etc. All of these activities are organized inside the camp. In the second group, we include activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and etc. These activities are more adventurous and are organized outside the camp.

Besides the fun and creative activities, we organize every day at the camp, we offer different camp groups as well.

At our Autism Camp Mississippi kids love, we divide campers into 3 groups:

  • Pre-Teen Group: This group is designed for campers ages 8 – 13. This group includes creative and fun games, events, and activities.
  • Teen Group: This group is designed for boys and girls ages 14 – 17. It includes a huge variety of exciting, unique, and innovative activities for every camper.
  • Young Adult Group – This group is created for young adults ages 18 – 22 and includes fun and engaging activities while developing leadership, life skills, and independence at the same time.

If you like the sound of our camp and activities we offer, come and visit us today! Browse our website and call or email us with any questions you may have.

Let’s have the best summer together!


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