Autism Camp Maryland Families Prefer

A Day At Our Autism Camp Maryland Families Prefer

Looking for a summer camp geared towards boys and girls diagnosed with Aspergers, Autism, or ADHD? Look no further and come and visit our educational Autism Camp Maryland families turn to each and every summer! Discover how a day at our camp goes!

A Day at Our Autism Camp Maryland Kids Love

We start our day with a typical morning routine that includes cleaning the cabin and taking care of ourselves and our personal hygiene. We teach campers that it is essential to take care of their personal hygiene in the morning and before they go to bed.

Once we are done with cleaning, we all prepare for a delicious breakfast. All meals are prepared by chefs who take great care of us with nutritious and delicious meals. Each meal is carefully prepared with nutritional needs and preferences in mind.

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After we are done with the breakfast, we have a morning meeting where we talk about the programs, activities, and games for the day. We usually divide the campers into two groups – a camp-based group and adventure-based group. The first group is recommendable for children who are beginners or usually belong to the children group (campers from age 6 to age 13), while the second group is for more adventurous campers.

Regardless of the group your child is in, we can ensure you that they will have fun! We supervise both groups and we always make sure that safety is top priority and maintained.

Once we are done with the morning activities, we have another meeting where we share our experiences. After the meeting, we all enjoy a delicious lunch and we talk about our day so far.

After the launch, we split again and continue with our activities. Our Autism Camp Maryland teens love is an ideal place for your child as we organize different activities and games each day. Our goal is for campers to experience real camp adventures while skill building and promoting self confidence.

In the afternoon, we have our last meeting for the day and enjoy dinner. After dinner, we do our nighttime routine and we prepare for bed.

Come and Visit the Camp

If you are interested in our Autism Camp Maryland families have trusted for years come and visit the camp! Browse our website for more information or you can give us a call! We look forward to speaking with you.


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