ADHD Summer Camp Arkansas Families Prefer

Why You Need to Choose Our Best ADHD Summer Camp Arkansas Families Prefer

Come and visit the best ADHD summer camp Arkansas kids love – an ideal place for children, teenagers, and young adults diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder!

About Us

We are a leading camp in the country designed to help boys and girls diagnosed with ADHD. Our summer camp is an ideal environment where your child can focus on overcoming their obstacles, their biggest challenges in life, and interpreting and understanding the world around them and start concentrating on their uniqueness, talents, and skills.


Why You Should Choose Our Summer Camp For Your Child

The truth is that there are many camps in the country that can offer your child fun and interesting programs, professional help, and educational experience. Why do you need to choose us?

Our ADHD summer camp Arkansas parents trust is more than just a traditional summer camp. We teach campers everything they should know – how to respect other campers, help each other, communicate better, and many more. We want to focus on campers’ talents rather than on their difficulties or challenges they may face. Through various games and activities, we want to motivate the campers to make a positive transformation in their life and start focusing on their talents and strengths more.

There are many parents who would like to know whether or not their child that is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is more likely to bully or to get bullied.

According to our professional experience, the boys and girls who are diagnosed with ADHD are:

  • Four times as likely as the non-ADHD child to be bullied, according to the Swedish study.
  • Ten times as likely as others to have been common targets of bullying.

These facts can be terrifying and we completely understand your worries as a parent. However, sending your child to a camp can only have a positive impact on their behavior.

At our ADHD summer camp Arkansas teens choose, we focus on the bright side of ADHD. We know that children diagnosed with ADHD are extremely talented in areas such as cooking, music, photography, art, etc. By focusing on their talents, we help campers accomplish their life goals.

Come and Visit the Best ADHD Summer Camp Arkansas Teens Love

If you want us to focus on your child’s talents and skills and you think we are an ideal place for your child – come and visit the camp and meet our qualified staff!

Let’s make this summer unforgettable for your child!


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