ADHD Summer Camp New York

ADHD Summer Camp New York – One-Stop Destination for Unique Summer Experience

Visit our ADHD summer camp New York families choose and give your child a summer that he or she deserves to have!

What You Need to Know about Our ADHD Summer Camp New York

ADHD Summer Camp New York

Having a great time

Our ADHD summer camp New York has some of the most qualified, experienced, fun, and positive staff. Our staff and our passion towards working with kids with ADHD drive our desire to create one of the greatest summer experiences for your child.

Our knowledge and expertise allows us to excel at what we do and create unforgettable summer memories for all our campers! Through our customized camp programs, the campers can develop and improve their skill set in areas such as confidence and independence, communication, and social behavior while participating in various activities including sports games, group games, discussions, and etc.

The physical activities we organize help children with ADHD to increase their attention and to learn how they can minimize daily distractions. We teach campers how to interact with each other in a peaceful and respectful way and we help them improve their skills for more effective responses.

Our Camp’s Programs

Children with ADHD have various options at our ADHD summer camp New York families choose. We offer different camp programs and you can choose the program that suits your child the best. Our main camp programs are Discovery, Foundation, Adventure, and Leadership.

In all of our camp programs, we tend to focus on the areas such as organization, social interaction and communication, and personal responsibility while improving the self-confidence of the campers at the same time.


Once you visit our camp, you’ll realize that you have made the right choice!

ADHD Summer Camp New York: Manhattan, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse, Albany, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Schenectady.

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