ADHD Summer Camp New Hampshire Parents Trust

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Our leading ADHD summer camp New Hampshire Kids Love is the perfect environment where your boy or girl can socialize with children their age, learn new things, and create amazing summer memories!

About the Camp

ADHD Summer Camp New Hampshire Parents Trust


Based in North Carolina, we are a summer camp for boys and girls who are diagnosed with ADHD disorder and for children who have difficulties in learning, socializing, and communicating. We are experts in breaking those obstacles by creating a friendly and calm environment where your boy or girl can get out of their comfort zone and begin a positive transformation.

At our leading ADHD summer camp New Hampshire Teens Choose we learn new things, we hang out, we communicate, we socialize, we have fun, we play games, we laugh, and we enjoy each other’s company. We are all equal here and we all have fun no matter what!

The Staff at Our Specialized ADHD Summer Camp New Hampshire Parents Choose

We are proud to say that we have the most experienced and qualified mentors, counselors, and teachers in our team! Our summer camp would not be the same without Douglas and Linda or Amanda and Robiyn.

Here are all of our staff members:

  • Camp Directors & Owners – The camp directors and owners are Douglas Smathers, Robiyn Mims, and Linda Tatsapaugh. Douglas himself brings years’ worth of experience of the outdoors, while Linda discovered that being a director of a summer camp is her biggest passion and accomplishment in life.
  • Admissions & Office Staff – Our Admissions director is Robiyn Mims and our Admissions counselor is Amanda Howell. Robiyn found her love and passion for helping and understanding children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and thinks that this camp is the ideal workplace for her. Amanda, on the other hand, enjoys watching campers have summer camping experiences, filled with happiness, memories, and love.
  • Maintenance Staff – Lee Kisselburg is our Facility manager. Lee enjoys the whole atmosphere at the camp and enjoys watching boys and girls have amazing summer camping adventures. Finnegan, the camp dog is the mascot of our camp.
  • Camp Team – The other staff members who are part of our team are Cory Greene (Assistant Director), Trent Harris, (Insight Program Manager), Billy Hoyle (Foundations Program Manager), Joe Martin, (Young Adults Program Manager), Meghan Stripling, (Sight Program Manager) and Zach Rudd, (Teens Program Manager).

If you want to meet our camp members in person, schedule a meeting and visit our ADHD summer camp New Hampshire Teens Love!

New Hampshire : Manchester, Nashua, Concord, East Concord, Derry Village, Dover, Rochester, Salem, Merrimack, Keene