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For many parents our ADHD camp Massachusetts families love is the perfect choice!

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ADHD Camp Massachusetts

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At Talisman Camps we have fun through various games and activities, while we learn so many important things at the same time. We lead activities all summer long that help children with ADHD get out of their comfort zone and socialize with others to help them build skills they can use once they return home.

Our staff comes highly recommended with an educated understanding and professional knowledge related to ADHD along with the communication and social challenges for children with diagnosed ADHD.

One of the biggest concerns of parents with kids who suffer from ADHD is bullying:

  • Children with ADHD are four times as likely as the non-ADHD children to be bullied, according to a Swedish study.
  • Children with ADHD symptoms are 10 times as likely as other to have been common targets of bullying.

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We completely understand how difficult it can be for parents once they found out that their child has ADHD. However, at Talisman Camps we always focus on the bright side of it. Keep in mind that children diagnosed with ADHD have amazing talents in areas such as music, photography, art, design, sport, cooking, film-making, etc.

Why not focus on these positive attributes and help children have a summer filled with happy memories. 

At our ADHD camp Massachusetts teens love we encourage children to give their best effort in order to learn how to socialize and communicate with children of their age, we help them build their self-esteem, and how to be independent.

ADHD Camp Massachusetts: Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, New Bedford, Brockton, Quincy, Lynn, Fall River.

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