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Specialized Camp Program for Children with ADHD Only at Our ADHD Camp Illinois families love.

Our ADHD camp Illinois teens choose offers specialized camp programs for children with ADHD. We provide our campers an opportunity to be a part of activities and educational games that can help them improve their social experiences.

Our ADHD Camp Illinois Families Choose

Our camp is known for providing amazing summers for our campers and the reason for that is because our mission is to establish a strong and personal relationship with each and every camper. By active communication and socialization, we understand the children’s needs and tailor the activities according to their interest.

At our camp we have activities and events that will help your child have a great time, meet new friends, and learn new skills to apply once they return home.  

Our Camp Counselors

ADHD Camp Illinois

Good buddies

At our ADHD Camp Illinois teens love, we have a team of experienced camp counselors who are specialized in education, recreational therapy, psychology, and other areas applicable to ADHD. Many of our camp counselors have worked in summer camps for children with special needs so their passion towards work and their experience allow them to be extremely professional and to solve every tiny issue in the best way possible.

One of our camp counselors explained what exactly draw her back each year at our camp. According to her, she has had always worked at summer camps for children with special needs, but ADHD camp Illinois has not only a great reputation but a whole different perspective on summer camps when compared to others. This camp is always ready for emotional and physical challenges. Even though some may say that keeping campers indoors is easier, our camp is giving an opportunity to campers to enjoy nature.

The staff at our camp is full of understanding and patience. Our camp counselors are kind, communicative, and friendly.

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