Why a Camp Specifically for Youth with Aspergers Syndrome?

There are many special needs programs out there but very few of them address the unique needs of Aspergers Syndrome. Our camp was designed from the ground up to meet our campers' specific needs, including in-the-milieu training in social skills; organizational skills; self-motivation; independence from family; maintaining positive relationships; exercise, grooming, and good nutrition; coping skills to deal with frustration, anxiety, and depression; and building positive self-esteem.

What does Talisman Programs specifically do to address the needs of students with Aspergers syndrome?

  • Exciting experiential activities combine social skills practice, stimulating learning experiences, and opportunities to live and learn within a small group environment.
  • Multi-sensory learning approach helps campers to better engage and participate in the learning process.  We use written schedules, pictures, discussion, and hands-on practice.
  • Knowledgeable staff trained in the specific needs of young people with Aspergers Syndrome, including learning differences and positive, nurturing techniques to help campers learn.
  • Structure and consistency in expectations, schedules, and daily routines are critical to the success of our participants. We provide a uniquely structured environment that supports their needs but also leaves room for challenge and growth.
  • Integrated social skills lessons supplement powerful social skills activities. Integration is one of the most challenging aspects of social skills development for students with Aspergers Syndrome. It is the nature of this disorder to have difficulty transferring information into different contexts and using it successfully. Many of our students have been in various social skills classes both in and out of school. However, they may have had only limited success due to the difficulty of carrying over expectations between teachers, school, family, home, and the community. The camp staff address this deficit by providing consistent feedback and training in all daily activities and settings throughout their session.