Mountain Odyssey

Ages 13 - 17

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Mountain Odyssey Session 2
Ages 13-17

13-day session
Campers will explore the history, folklore, trails, and tales of Western North Carolina. They will travel across the lands of the Cherokee, Pioneers, and Rangers that made this area the first Wild West. Campers will take day and overnight trips to discover the courageous, fearless, adventurous, lawless, and fiercely independent people and culture of the mountains.


Mountain Odyssey explores the history, culture and stories of the Western North Carolina mountains. Campers begin by learning basic camping skills and participating in team-building activities on-campus.  Then the group sets off on several day and multi-day trips to explore the mountains.   They experience the ways of the pioneers and settlers of this region, visit the historic battlegrounds of the Civil War, and witness the cultural history and activities of the Eastern Cherokee Reservation.  They search for hidden treasures while honing cooperation, problem-solving, and team work skills.  The group returns to camp to celebrate the completion of their journey, and to share the wonders of their journey.

Personal Growth
Participants learn to live and work together as a group, accomplish tasks, build leadership skills and achieve individual and group goals; they practice their skills both at camp and in a public setting.  When solving puzzles or interpreting map and compass readings, they build cooperation and problem-solving skills as well as appreciation for differences of opinion. This program introduces the Teen Adventure programs while allowing for learning and growth over shorter camping trips, so campers can practice and develop more outdoor skills.  Along the way, issues are addressed in group discussions, with an emphasis on taking responsibility for actions, finding just solutions, and moving forward.

Mountain Odyssey activities include day trips to Civil War battlefields and historic sites in the Mountains.  The group experiences a bit of pioneer life as they camp and cook the way early settlers did.  They discover the hidden gems of the Blue Ridge by exploring the unique trails and coves of our mountains.  They spend several days at the Eastern Cherokee Reservation learning the culture and heritage of the Cherokee Nation.  Overnight trips include primitive camping away from camp and plenty of hiking from discovery to discovery.