Professional, Dedicated Staff Working With Children With Autism

At Talisman, safety is our number-one priority at all times, so to ensure the safety of our campers, we focus our hiring process on finding the most qualified people for this very unique position. Talisman has been working with children with autism for 36 years, and we pride ourselves on consistently providing a safe, educational and fun program to our campers year after year.

Each member of our staff goes through an intense two-week training process to make certain that they are prepared for working with children with autism and are able to provide the most safe and rewarding experience possible. Staff will be certified in Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Lifeguarding and CPI, and receive instruction in Medication Administration, EpiPen Administration and Vehicle Training. At Talisman Programs, we also bring in several industry experts to train staff on the uniqueness of our campers’ brains and how to effectively work with each diagnosis. Our training process is one of the most concentrated, challenging and demanding in the industry, but that is because at Talisman, everything we do is for the kids.

First and foremost, Talisman looks for potential employees that have the heart and desire for working with children with autism and the amazing population that we serve. Working at Talisman takes a very special kind of person. We are looking for employees who are willing to dedicate ten weeks of their lives to providing a safe and enjoyable camp experience for our kids.

The Talisman staff are with their kids 24/7. They sleep in the cabin with them, lead most of their activities and help create a family-type bond with their group. CLICK HERE to learn more about the activities at camp, or HERE to see what a typical day at Talisman looks like. But, be warned, there is really no such thing as a typical day at Talisman.

At Talisman, we focus on developing social skills and building positive peer relationships.  For this reason, our kids spend their entire time at camp in the same cabin, with the same peers and the same counselors. By setting up our ADHD and autism camp in this way, we are providing a nurturing and structured environment that is conducive to learning and success.

Each member of the Talisman team is required to pass a drug test and background check prior to employment to ensure that only the most qualified get the job. Working with children with autism is a huge responsibility that we, at Talisman, take very seriously. Everything we do at camp is for our kids, so we only hire employees who are responsible, honest and

If you believe you have what it takes to be part of one of the most challenging and rewarding teams in the autism camp industry, please click HERE to view the job description. We are
excited about your interest in Talisman Programs and hope to hear from you soon.