Autism Summer Camp Michigan

Why Everyone Loves our Special Autism Summer Camp Michigan Families Trust

We invite you to visit our specialized Autism summer camp Michigan teens love where children and young adults can learn new things, meet new friends, and experience new summer adventures! It is an ideal place where children and young adults can develop and grow into the right direction!

Our Specialized Autism Summer Camp Michigan Kids Love

If you are looking for a summer camp for your child diagnosed with high-functioning Autism, look no further as we are your best choice. Based in Michigan, we are a traditional camp where your child can learn all the important things in life including how to communicate with other children their age, how to improve its social skills, and much more. Besides learning, we have fun as well. We organize various activities, games, and events.

In other words, we create the best summer environment a child could imagine!

We Have Amazingly Dedicated and Qualified Staff

Autism Summer Camp Michigan

Say cheese!

All of our staff members are recent graduates or college students who are studying in fields such as outdoor leadership, education, psychology, and etc. Most of them had experience working with children and all of them have been chosen to be in our team because of their compassion and good judgment.

Mr. Doug spends all year working with some amazing universities from all over the country to connect with bright, intelligent, and passionate students.  We have heard from families year after year that our staff is what makes the difference. Everyone goes through a screening process and a attends our staff training to receive additional skills needed to connect with our campers.

Visit Our Camp

Parents love us and children adore us! We provide the most interesting camp programs and we know exactly how to make campers happy!

Visit our special Autism summer camp Michigan and see why we are an ideal place for your child!