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The Summer Programs at Our Specialized Autism Summer Camp Louisiana Families Love

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All You Need to Know about Our Camp

We are a specialized and leading Autism summer camp Louisiana parents love for children and young adults from age 8 to age 22 who are diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. Our camp offers various activities that motivate campers to learn important life lessons while trying new things, meet new friends, and have the time of their life.

Campers with high-functioning Autism have a few summer programs to choose from at our camp.

The Summer Programs at Our Camp

Autism Summer Camp Louisiana


Our educational Autism summer camp Louisiana teens choose offers Discovery Program, Sight Program, Insight Program, Adventure Program (Quest, Hook and Tackle, Tri-Adventures, and Caves & Climbing), Leadership Program, Krewe Program, and Young Adults Program.

  • Discovery Program is created for children from age 6 to age 7. This program model gives priority to compassion and consistency, as children build important basic skills in social communication and integration and conflict resolution. It is an excellent program as it serves as an introduction to a summer camp for younger children.
  • Sight Program is created for young people from age 8 to age 13 with Autism, including Autism level 1. In this program, we concentrate on helping children increase their independence and self-confidence, improve their social interaction, and develop their communicational abilities.  
  • Insight Program provides an interesting challenge for teens from age 14 to age 17 with Autism spectrum disorder. In the program, campers learn how to work as a team to effectively accomplish a certain goal.
  • Adventure Program is designed for teens from age 14 to age 17 and has various program models including Quest, Hook and Tackle, Tri-Adventures, and Caves & Climbing. This program brings adventure games to life!
  • Leadership Program is for teens from age 14 to age 17 who have completed an adventure program, insight program, or young adult session. The program includes a self-directed wilderness trip and camp-based leadership training course.
  • Krewe Program is specially designed for returning campers from age 16 to age 22 and for campers who have completed the leadership program. This program focuses on real-life job skills, for instance, time management, accountability, learning what it takes to be a staff member at our camp.
  • Young Adult Program is designed for young adults from age 18 to age 22 who are on their way to achieving supported independence.

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