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Get to Know Our Specialized Autism Camp New Hampshire Teens Choose 

Having doubts about sending your child to a summer camp?  Come and visit our specialized Autism camp New Hampshire families trust and kids love. Our camp is for children, teens, and young adults diagnosed with Autism disorder!

Why Children and Parents Love Our Camp

We are a specialized summer camp for boys and girls ages 6-22 diagnosed with high-functioning Autism. We provide an ideal environment where campers of all ages can learn and have fun at the same time.

Children love our camp because of our creativity. We organize various activities, games, and events that can meet children’s needs and interests. Our specialized Autism camp New Hampshire teens choose is a perfect place where your child can experience a real camping adventure and create unforgettable summer memories.

Parents love our camp because of the helpful information and advice we offer. Many parents would like to find out how they can help their child who has recently been diagnosed with Autism disorder. We always advise parents that visiting a specialized camp is the best thing you could possibly do for your child. Our camp can positively affect your child’s behavior, capability, and communication skills. It is an excellent opportunity as your child can meet new friends, socialize, communicate, and enjoy the best summer of their life.

Are Autistic Children More Likely to be Bullied?

You guys have fun!?!

You guys have fun!?!

This is the question that lots of parents are seeking an answer to. It is normal that every parent is worried about their children, especially if the child is diagnosed with high-functioning Autism.

So, are autistic children more likely to bully or be bullied? The truth is that many boys and girls with Autism disorder have difficulties controlling their behavior and aggression. However, in a nurturing environment, Autistic children can feel more calm and positive. We motivate children and we encourage them to socialize and communicate more and we help them take control of their behavior by giving them advice and providing a positive environment.

At our specialized Autism camp New Hampshire families trust we organize activities that can keep your child’s behavior under control and lower the possibility of your child to bully or get bullied. We keep a certain level of security and care and we can guarantee you that your child will be protected and safe. 

Visit Our Specialized Autism Camp!

You are welcome to come and visit our specialized summer camp for Autistic boys and girls! Contact us to schedule an appointment via phone or e-mail!

Let’s create summer memories together!

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