Get to Know Our Camps

Get to Know Talisman Programs’ Camps for Children with ADHD or on the Autism Spectrum

Some parents have children who have been to camp for many years, while others are considering Talisman as the first place they feel comfortable sending their child.

Talisman is unique in that it offers a traditional camp environment with the safety and security of knowing that campers all have special needs, which may include having ADHD or being on the autism spectrum.

This still leaves plenty of questions and we have set up special opportunities to ask these questions or hear other parents ask questions you haven’t even thought to ask.

Before you Commit

Not quite ready to take the leap?  Not sure if you have asked all of the right questions?  Attend our Get to Know Talisman webinar February 7th 2024 at 6:30 pm EDT.


Pre-Camp Webinars

Is your child on the autism spectrum signed up for camp, but you still have a lot of questions?  Interested in hearing other parents’ questions? We host a series of webinars just for you. Each webinar is program-specific and facilitated by our admissions and camp directors, so information is pertinent to your child, and answers are “from the top.”

We also host two e-campfires (online meeting sessions), just for campers to connect with each other prior to camp, and to ask their own questions, so they can be ready for camp.

Applied parents: call to sign up for your webinar today!

Parent Seminars

Talisman offers several parent seminars at the end of our camp sessions. We give you insight into our strategies and “secrets for success,” as well as explain many activities and other details of how camp for children on the autism spectrum is different from a typical summer camp. We, also, offer current information on topics pertinent to you and your child.

If your child is coming to camp and you are interested in attending a session, registration is available through our online application.  OR sign up here: Parent Seminar