Communication at Autism & ADHD Camp

We know that open communication while your child is at camp is important to you – and it is to us as well! At Talisman Programs' autism & ADHD camps, we strive to keep you well-informed and connected to your child while allowing them to develop independence and focus on their time at summer camp.

 Here are the ways we keep in touch from our autism & ADHD camps:

  • Update Phone Calls: During camp, we call you once a week with updates on your child's experience at camp.
  • Weekly Program-Wide E-Mail Updates: Program directors share weekly emails with more general updates on exciting activities and events.
  • One-Way E-mail System, Secure Online Photo Gallery & Camp News: You can send emails to your child that are printed and handed to them. Their responses are scanned and sent to you. Our secure photo gallery is updated daily during camp season.
  • Letter-Writing: It might be a dying art everywhere else, but not at Talisman! Students are encouraged to write letters, at least once a week.
  • Contact Policies: In addition to your weekly call with the program director, you are welcome to call or email us at any time. An administrator is available by phone 24 hours a day.

Campers do not use the phone unless they or an immediate family member have a birthday while they are with us. We find that phone calls exacerbate the usual summer camp homesickness in ADHD and autism spectrum students, while letters are a welcome connection with home that kids can reread and carry with them.

We encourage you and your family members to write letters to your camper; they look forward each day to mail call. Remember to put the camper’s name and program and group on the top of the address.
Example: Suzy Smith, Sight X
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64 Gap Creek Rd.
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