ADHD Summer Camp Virginia Kids Love

One Day at Our Leading ADHD Summer Camp Virginia Kids Love

Discover how one day at our educational ADHD summer camp Virginia parents trust goes! Discover our routines, schedules, and the games and activities we organize!

A Typical Day at Our Educational ADHD Summer Camp Virginia Teens Choose

Our educational ADHD summer camp Virginia families love is more than just a traditional summer camp. At our camp we learn, have fun, laugh, build friendships, solve problems, find solutions, and create unforgettable summer memories.

We start each day with a typical morning routine of taking care of our personal hygiene and then we clean the cabin together. This routine usually lasts about 15-30 minutes. After we are all done, we move to the dining hall where we enjoy our delicious breakfast that is prepared by our chefs who are taking the nutritional needs of the campers in mind. Each day we enjoy a different meal.

After we are done with our breakfast, we are ready to start our morning activities. We organize a quick meeting where we discuss the groups and activities we are going to have that day. The campers are divided into two groups – in-camp group (this group usually includes campers who are beginners and this is their first year here at the camp) and off-camp group (this group is for more adventurous campers and for campers from the pre-teen and young adult sector).

Regardless of the group your child is going to be in, the fun and enjoyment are guaranteed. Also, we supervise the groups and make sure all campers are safe. The only difference is in the type of activities the groups include.

After we are done with our morning activities, we have a meeting where we share our experiences. Once the meeting is over, we move to the dining hall where we enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch, we continue with our activities and we meet again in the afternoon to share what we have learned that day, the new skills we’ve developed, or talk about something funny that happened that day.

Our mission is for all of our campers to experience a real camping adventure. We want them to experience a positive transformation after they have visited our educational ADHD summer camp.

So, if you like our camp – come and visit us! Let’s create happy memories together!


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