ADHD Summer Camp Rhode Island Families Love

Experience an amazing Summer at Our ADHD Summer Camp Rhode Island Families Love

Your child has been diagnosed with ADHD? Don’t worry as we have the best solution for you! Our ADHD summer camp Rhode Island teens choose is here to make this summer special for you!

Who Are We and Why You Should Visit Us?

ADHD Summer Camp Rhode IslandWe are located in North Carolina and are a specialized summer camp for boys and girls who suffer from ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. We create a friendly and calm environment where we all learn, hang out, develop new skills, interests, and talents, and focus on the uniqueness of the campers!

At our ADHD summer camp Rhode Island Teens Choose, we believe that all campers should have happy summer adventures filled with new friends, happiness, and fun.

The truth is that there are many summer camps in the country, but we are considered as one of the best! Come tour our camp, or join us for one of our info sessions at our ADHD summer camp Rhode Island teens rave about. 

We have a lot to offer. We are not just a traditional summer camp where you can play games all day long. We are much more than that! Here, we get to know each other better, we enjoy each other’s company, we share our interests and talents, and we all learn together. Everything we do, we do it, for a specific purpose in mind. We focus on making a positive change in ours and in your life!

What is the Bright Side of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Yes, there is a bright side of ADHD. It is a normal thing as a parent to worry about your child, especially if your child is diagnosed with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

However, we keep things light here and we tend to focus on the bright side of ADHD. The bright side of this disorder is that boys and girls who are diagnosed with it are usually extremely talented in different areas such as in art, photography, music, film making, sport, design, and etc.

There are many popular personas and world known achievers who are rumored to have had ADHD disorder. Some of these people are Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Pablo Picasso, and etc.

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