ADHD Summer Camp Maine Children Love

Our Unique ADHD Summer Camp Maine Children Love

Come and visit our ADHD summer camp Maine parents trust – the ideal summer place for children, teenagers, and young adults ages 6-22 diagnosed with ADHD! Discover more information about our camp!

About Our ADHD Summer Camp Maine Teens Choose

Our summer camp is a one-stop destination for boys and girls from ages 6 to 22 who are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

We completely understand how frustrating and challenging it can be for children, teenagers and young adults with ADHD to enjoy their summer or communicate with other children of their age. We know that it is frustrating and difficult for the parents as well. The parents are constantly looking for a solution or a method to help their children overcome these difficulties they may have.

We can help you put an end to this frustration! Allow your child to enjoy the best summer of their life and build new friendships for a lifetime.

Our ADHD summer camp Maine families love is a place where children can meet new friends, have unforgettable summer camp adventures, and make a positive change in their lives.

Our Camp Activities

The camp activities, games, and events we organize at our ADHD summer camp have an unbelievable effect on the campers. Each activity we organize at the camp is created with one thing in mind – to help boys and girls socialize and get out of their comfort zone.

The activities we organize at our camp are divided into two groups:

  • In-Camp Activities: These activities include – science, tree climbing, gaga, arts & crafts, field games, pond games, blacktop games, pool, tie-dye, quidditch, slip and slide, canoeing, archery, and campus-wide special events.
  • Off-Camp Activities: These activities include – tubing, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, zipline, etc.

Through these activities, campers who may have learning difficulties and disabilities can improve and develop their motor, communication, and social skills. The calm and nurturing environment at our summer camp can only positively affect your child.

So, if you want to ensure we are the right camp for your child, come and visit our camp. You will have an opportunity to meet our staff members and get answers to all of your questions!

We are waiting for your child!

Maine : Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, West Scarborough, South Portland, Gardens, Auburn, Biddeford, Augusta, Saco