ADHD Camp Florida

Are you looking for an ADHD camp? Learn why Talisman Camps are the the ADHD Camp Florida Families Love!

Learn more as to why we are the ADHD camp Florida families choose. 

Why choose Talisman Camps? 

For years Florida families have made the trek up to North Carolina to give their children the summer of a lifetime. The success of our program starts with the staff that we hire. Many of our camp counselors are recently graduated students or are still in college and they have studied in specialized fields applicable to ADHD students such as physiology, recreational therapy, and education.  

Parents and Children Love Our ADHD Camp

ADHD Camp Florida


We understand how difficult it can be to be send your child to a summer camp. At Talisman Camps we’ve created a special communication system that allows parents and children to be in active communication throughout the summer.

  • Phone Calls – Our staff call parents once a week to update them on their child’s experience at our ADHD camp Florida teens love.
  • E-mail Updates – We share weekly emails where we update the parents about the exciting events and activities we organize.
  • Online Photos and Camp News – The parents are allowed to send an email to their children. We print these emails and we hand to the campers. Our camp gallery is constantly updated during the camp lesson.
  • Letter Writing – We encourage our campers to write letters to their families at least once a week.
  • Contact Service 24/7 – Parents are welcomed to call our camp or email us every time they phone. We have a contact service available 24/7.

Why Having a Camp Experience Is Good for Your Child

The group activities are an ideal way your child to improve their self-esteem, develop independence, and enhance social skills. The children at our ADHD camp Florida families love are allowed to participate in various activities and events that inspire confidence and independence.

At our camp we want children to experience the summer of their lives through fun and educational games and activities. We encourage them to create friendships and happy memories!

So, are you ready to offer your child the best summer experience? Contact our ADHD Camp Florida and we will take care of the rest!

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