ADHD Camp Connecticut Kids Prefer

Our Educational ADHD Camp Connecticut Kids Prefer Provides a Real Camping Experience for Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults

If you want your child, teenager, or young adult to experience real camping adventures, come and visit our educational ADHD Camp Connecticut parents love!

About Our Camp

We are an educational camp for children, teenagers, and young adults from age 6 to 22 years old who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s, ADHD, or Autism! Parents and campers love our camp as we provide an ideal environment where your child can get out of his or her comfort zone. We encourage children to be secure enough to overcome their biggest challenges in life such as socializing, communicating, learning, behaving, playing, etc.

At our educational ADHD Camp Connecticut families choose, we teach campers everything they should know about how to make a positive change in their life and focus on the things they are good at! We accomplish this through proper academic learning, life lessons, advice, recommendations, tips, creative activities, fun games, and exciting events.

Are Campers with Asperger’s Syndrome More Likely to Bully or be Bullied?

We completely understand your worries! As a parent, you are worried about your child and you think that your child is going to be bullied at our camp.

Even though young people who are diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome may experience difficulties in controlling their behavior and attitude, we are here to balance things out. At our unique ADHD Camp Connecticut teens count on, we keep things under control and provide professional treatment and care that helps these boys and girls feel calmer and safer.

We encourage our campers to hang out, express themselves, and communicate and socialize more, and we help them take a better control of their attitude and behavior.

You have nothing to worry about, as we keep the safety and security of the campers at the highest level possible! We make sure they are safe and sound 24/7.

Sign Up Your Child to Our ADHD Camp Connecticut Families Love Today

If you like our camp and how we work here, you can sign up your child and allow him or her to experience the best summer days of their life! We promise you effective results, positive change, and unforgettable memories!

Our places are filling pretty fast! If you are interested in signing up your child, submit the application as soon as possible! We are waiting to hear from you!