Young Adult Program

Camp for Young Adults with ADHD and Autism

Ages 18 – 22

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The Young Adult program is especially designed for young adults ages 18-22 who are on track to achieve supported independence.  Participants live together and focus on learning to become healthy and responsible adults. Focusing on self-care, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, transportation, community involvement, and job readiness, YA Life is an opportunity to experience a supported communal setting.  Activities include planning and prepping a meal, field trips to job resource sites, community service opportunities, social outings and group lessons on social, independent living, and transitional skills.  Traditional camp-based activities add opportunities for developing friendships, socialization, and increased physical activity.

Personal Growth
Young Adults are at the age when most of their peers are anxious to be on their own, exploring the world of college or work, and developing an adult social life.  Our young people with autism or ADHD often develop this quest for freedom a bit later, or have a fear of the unknown away from home that keeps them from pursuing it.

At Talisman, we ease them into the idea of independence, giving them information about both the exciting possibilities and the necessary responsibilities, and practicing some of the skills they will need.  We continue to develop problem-solving and communication skills.  We discuss what both interests and scares them about adulthood.  And we help them build friendships here that can give them the confidence to do the same back home.

Adulthood begins with taking care of oneself, rather than being taken care of.  We spend time helping participants establish a good personal hygiene routine, discussing nutrition and sleep needs, and practicing a bit of budgeting.  We discuss how the world sees them differently now, and ways to interact successfully with others.  And we explore various avenues into the world, visiting a college or two, doing practice job interviews and real interest assessments, and performing community service.

We explore a number of lifetime sports, such as disc golf, hiking, swimming, basketball, and soccer, and talk about the importance of a healthy body.  And, this being camp, we go on exciting outings, including rock climbing, canoeing, and a 2- night campout. This is a well-rounded session for the young adult working on the transition to independence.