Typical Day


A Typical Day of Learning & Adventure

Every day at Talisman Semesters we strive to learn, laugh, and develop social and independent living skills that will last our students a lifetime.

Typical Weekday Schedule

  • Wake up, clean cabins, do morning chores, have breakfast
  • Morning classes
  • After lunch is meal clean up and groups return to classes for much of the afternoon.
  • Before and after dinner the groups engage in structured activities such as games, athletics, and short hikes, team-building and social skills, as well as down time to read, write, do homework, email or relax.

Typical Weekend Schedule

On weekends, students engage in day trips that reinforce academics studies, to practice social situations, participate in community activities, volunteer in service projects, engage themselves in nature, and have fun.  We also do fun activities such as ice skating, bowling, visits to local festivals or events, hikes to nearby waterfalls, or a day at the movies.  Copy of IMG_1773

Back at home on campus, there are regular chores and work projects to keep our community clean and pleasant.  Weekends also provide time for student needs to be met.  While we encourage parents to tend to medical, dental and similar appointments during breaks or prior to the semester, we recognize that students may need haircuts or occasionally need to do shop for items.  Staff will use any of these small errands or personal care needs as learning opportunities for the students to become familiar with living skills such as scheduling time, budgeting for expenses, and managing transportation.

Weeklong Trips Schedule

Twice a semester we will leave campus on weeklong trips as part of that semester’s Theme. One of these trips, which is more adventure-based, is designed to selectively place students outside of their comfort zone.  We will camp, hike, and explore beautiful and diverse southeast.  Our second weeklong trip is a little more urban, with a focus on historic or cultural sites.  On these trips we’ll visit museums, parks, and local attractions.