Healthy Living


Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

“I don’t like that.”

“I only eat chicken nuggets.”

“I don’t like to be outside.”

These are familiar statements we have heard countless times from students at Talisman.  It’s a challenge – we all know we need to eat well (at least most of the time!) to fuel our bodies and give us the right kind of energy.  We also know fresh air and exercise are an important component to the health of our children.  Yet, if there is resistance to all of it, this can be exhausting and futile.  Copy of PAGE 10 climbing fun

We have had great success over the years helping overcome the resistance to getting active and eating a wider variety of healthful foods.

Our goal is to progressively move our students from this small “circle of comfort” into areas that still feel safe but are less comfortable .  Bit by bit our students build confidence and tolerance to new experiences.  Food and exercise are no different.

We understand that there may be sensory sensitivities or digestive issues, and are supportive of managing specialized diets for these needs.  We also know our kids are creatures of habit, and that trying new things can feel risky.  We approach food, exercise, and other self-care with patience and a positive attitude, and celebrate every achievement, large and small.

We can help students move from a diet of chicken nuggets and a stream of video games into better health and a wider range of interests that can last their entire lives.