Summer camps for Aspergers is a special camp where children who have the Aspergers syndrome are trained in independent living skills and group dynamics. The camp teaches affected children how to interact with their peers and also develop coping methods and tools. They also focus on improving the social interaction skills of sufferers of AS, academic self-motivation, and their independence as well.

The ideal summer camp for Aspergers is one which offers both indoor and outdoor activities for children in small groups. Classroom training, scientific exploration and learning tips also form an integral part of the agenda of Aspergers summer camps. These camps make use of popular courses and approaches like adaptive physical education, arts and craft, field games, group therapy and a host of many others.

Activities such as these which campers are exposed to while in the camp are designed to stimulate the awareness of children with the condition, as well as their interests in social relationships and their environment. Summer camps for Aspergers can also act as a summer school for children with this condition. This can help give them a head start studying subjects that they plan to take during the next academic year.

Aspergers camps have specialists who work individually with the kids at the camp to give them the required therapy and training, as well as any other assistance that they may need. Such a camp also provides routine support and guidance both formally and informally through hands-on supervision and group sessions. Some summer camps for Aspergers also offer additional support and consultation which may be offered by an occupational or speech therapist.

Talisman Camp is a great summer camp for Aspergers, with well-equipped facilities and expert instructors. We take the time to understand the individual needs and goals of each child and provide them with the assistance that they need to make new friends, learn new skills and also learn to get along with other campers and camp staff. Get in touch to enroll your kids today!