Ages 14 - 17

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Tri-Adventures offers an in-depth introduction to three popular outdoor sports: backpacking, flat-water canoeing, and rock climbing.  The variety of activities makes this a popular introduction to our adventure programs.  The group learns the basic skills to participate in each sport, trained by an experienced instructor, while undertaking a multi-day trip with each.  Along the way, they also learn camping skills such as water purification, tarp construction, and wilderness food preparation. As a small group working together, participants refine their interactions and decision-making skills, while building self-esteem, as they face the challenges posed by these exciting sports.

Personal Growth

Tri-Adventures campers learn to adapt to change, as every day brings a new adventure.  They go over schedules, create some of their own, and set goals to help them move forward.  As they learn how to move as a group and take care of their daily needs, personal accountability and self-confidence increase.  Staff facilitate group-supported problem-solving sessions, allowing campers to practice working things out respectfully with their peers.  They also learn to take appropriate risks in trying new activities and making new friends.


Tri-Adventures introduces campers to the three outdoor sports of backpacking, flat-water canoeing and rock climbing.  They go through a thorough safety orientation in each prior to beginning, and then instructors guide them through a progression based on each camper’s abilities.  After practicing camping skills on campus, the group undertakes a 4-day backpacking trip.  They switch it up with 5 days of canoeing on Fontana Lake, on the edge of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.  And they learn to climb on some of the best rocks in the country, right in our back yard!