Top Special-Needs Summer Camp Jobs

Top Special-Needs Summer Camp Jobs

Caring for special needs children in a summer camp is a very tasking job, which needs to be spread amongst different people. When different people hold distinct job positions, a special needs summer camp can run smoothly and effectively. While some special needs summer camp jobs require certain qualification or degrees as well as experience, others which can be learned on the job do not require qualifications. Some of the top special needs summer camp jobs are as follows.

  1. Camp Counselor

A camp counselor is usually the head of the summer camp. This is a very serious job position to hold at a special needs summer camp because a camp counselor oversees all the other workers, as well as the campers. He/she ensures that the camp runs smoothly and effectively at all times, and must respond to any issues that arise within the camp.


  1. Youth Activities Counselor

A youth activities counselor is another special needs summer camp job which oversees all the activities campers partake in, while at the camp. The person who holds this position must come up with interesting and beneficial activities to engage the campers during their stay there. He/she will also tailor specific activities to suit individual campers who cannot partake in the general activities.


  1. Behavior Interventionist

The job of a behavior interventionist in a special needs summer camp is to understand the behavior of special needs children in order to relate to them, and come up with activities which will suit them. A behavior interventionist also handles situations which arise when other camp workers are unable to handle some of their campers. He/she will step in; assess the situation and proffer solutions based on what they observed from the child in question.

There are many other jobs required for the effective running of a special needs summer camp. All of these workers work hand-in-hand, to ensure the smooth and successful run of a special needs summer camp.