Summer camps provide brilliant opportunities for children to enhance their social and technical skills that would help them in their life. Camps are an excellent learning opportunity for children to learn how to form and live in a community with responsibility. As children are away from home, they develop a sense of freedom and learn how to assume duty for their behaviour and acts.

Things, however, are not simple for you if you happen to be a parent to a child with Asperger’s. You are concerned about a lot of things that may go wrong during a summer break.

Your worries are luckily now over. With Talisman’s Asperger’s summer camp, you can rest assured that your child will get the best and the most caring environment that is profoundly helpful in nurturing his/her abilities.

In Talisman’s carefully designed Asperger’s summer camp, special focus is paid to the development of dynamic social skills in the children. We provide campers with an environment where their skills and abilities are groomed without any hindrance.

Some of the core features of Talisman’s camp for kids with Asperger’s are discussed below.

Independent Skill Development

Talisman camps’ free, comfortable, and spacious environment allows the campers to groom their abilities unhindered. In our Asperger’s summer camp, we provide training to students in a number of independent living skills. Through this training, we focus on the development of the socialisation skills and career-building of the students which allow them to stand out as successful individuals later in the life.

Education through courses

At Talisman Asperger’s summer camp, we have designed certain educational and fun courses for our campers that aim to bring out their hidden talent in a comfortable environment.

Adaptive physical education, group therapy, art therapy, and literacy development are some of the core courses offered by Talisman for the children attending our summer camps.

Each course offered by Talisman has been prepared by trained counsellors and
professionals with extensive experience of training and developing students with Asperger’s.

The focus on Asperger’s summer camp activities

Social skill development and boosting the confidence of the campers have been the sole focus of Talisman camp activities. We have designed every course with an aim to stimulate a child’s awareness, and make them interested in their environment and building social relationships.

Academic Support Programs

Talisman’s Asperger’s summer camp includes a central focus on ensuring that the kids do not lag behind in their regular academic studies. We give children head start on subjects which they will be studying during the upcoming academic year. Our trained counsellors understand what each camper needs.

Our skilled professionals help children in being able to foster new friendships, learn fresh skills, and get along with other campers in a social scenario.

Talisman work with trained professionals who give children special therapy and training to ensure they get the best when they return home. We can also offer additional support and therapy if required and/or requested.