Summer camps provide an enriching and positive experience for children with autism, giving them important opportunities for peer-based interactions and an alternative to the hectic school year routine. These camps allow children with ADHD to develop their skills through participation in numerous fun, and social activities.

Talisman is an institution which has been taking care of the needs of kids with ADHD for many years now. And for every year, we have managed to hold summer camps during summer breaks for kids on the autism spectrum.

At Talisman we understand that as a parent to an autistic child, how important it is to get your child sent to special needs camps autism so that your kid gets appropriate focus in a healthy, energetic, and positive environment.

There are more than one special needs camps autism claiming to offer promising activities for autistic children. However, before you finalise which camp would you be sending your kid to, you are advised to consider three important things about the camp.

Types of special needs camps autism offered by Talisman

Ultimately you are the only authority on your kid and their needs. There is a range of special needs camps for autism which may differ from one another in certain aspects but the basic structure of every camp is more or less the same.

The camps offer a variety of activities such as fun and social activities, academic support cprograms, and therapy-based programs etc. Essentially, it is you a parent, who decides which kind of activity or program your kid needs to attend this year.

Talisman is familiar with the concerns and preferences of the parents about the summer camp programs for children with ADHD. Keeping in view such concerns, we have designed and categorised our summer camps into three basic degrees.

Inclusive Program

Our inclusive programs aim to integrate the development of children with special needs into an all-inclusive and comfortable environment. These programs ensure that children from all backgrounds with all abilities are included and accommodated. Talisman’s inclusive programs understand that children will have varying needs. So, we have made our staffing model as much as accessible and friendly as could be possible.

Specialized Program

The second type of programs offered by Talisman are specialised programs. These summer camps are meant for children and teen with autism and other special needs. Talisman’s specialised camps offer great experience for campers as these have been designed especially to cater to their needs. This program also ensures that your child does not become socially regressed during the summer breaks by paying special attention to socialisation and skill building.

Extended School Year Program (ESY)

Talisman’s extended school year program helps students with autism to cope with their individualised education plans. If you think this program suits your children, contact your child’s special tutor.