Talisman Semesters Students

1b685c9f-44ce-4948-afe4-b62405e01f6dOUR STUDENTS

Talisman Semester students are boys ages 12-17 who are in grades 7-12.
They come for a variety of reasons, and share many of these characteristics:

  • Autism Level 1, Aspergers Syndrome, or ADHD (no diagnosis required)
  • Learning disorder, including NVLD
  • Social awkwardness
  • Difficulty reading and responding to social cues
  • Struggles with anxiety and/or frustration
  • Frequent sensory overload
  • Not engaged in school
  • Able to do grade level work with accommodations
  • Processing difficulties1ba444d3-334e-47c7-9dcc-ef847155a000

Students who would not be appropriate for our Semesters:

  • Verbal IQ below 85
  • Acute treatment needs
  • Physical aggression or similar acting out
  • Not fully verbal
  • Significantly below grade level

At our school for autism, asperger’s, ADHD and other disorders, we strive to help teen boys succeed, regardless of their disability.