Talisman Semesters for Boys 12-17

Welcome to the Talisman Semester Program!

Talisman Semesters offer an educational opportunity for middle and high school boys focused on increasing social competence, academic engagement, independence, and a positive self-awareness. Our students live and attend classes on our campus, taking several extended trips to regional highlights throughout the semester.

Personalized Learning autism program

With parents’ help, we develop individual plans for each student’s growth, focusing on their areas of greatest need for the semester. Teachers help students take charge of their learning and find purpose in education. In our ADHD and Autism program, we focus on intentional practice with the social skills that matter for teenagers to build their confidence and satisfaction with relationships. Community living grows a sense of responsibility for one’s own wellbeing and that of others. Students return home excited about learning and ready to engage with their communities as emerging young adults.

Our Students 

Talisman Semester students are boys ages 12-17 who are in grades 7-12.  Many have been diagnosed with autism, Aspergers, ADHD or social communication or sensory integration disorder, and struggle to meet their potential in school due to related difficulties.  Learn more about our students here.

Social Development

Our students want to interact successfully with peers, teachers, and their families, but sometimes struggle with the complexity of social norms.  We focus on several areas critical to teen development, and practice the skills they need in a supportive environment.  Learn more here.

Our Academics

Students don’t all learn the same way, so our teaching spans modalities and engages all of the senses.  Lessons may include lectures and discussions, group problem-solving, projects, experiments, and field trips. Connecting subject matter to a student’s real world, allows him to more naturally engage. By connecting with his learning styles, he is able to learn more deeply in our ADHD, social communication disorder, and autism program.  More about our academics here.

0a11c069-3162-4be4-9e58-a1e1796add64Our Program 

Our students live, study, and play together in their group of eight, guided by a team of highly-trained instructors through daily living, community-building, and a full slate of recreational activities and outings. Activities are chosen and structured to complement lessons from academics and social skill sessions, and to appeal to our teenagers. The highlights of each semester in our autism program are the weeklong expeditions to explore significant cultural, historical and natural sites in the southeast.
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Our Staff

The Semesters administrative staff represent decades of experience successfully working with our population of students.  They work closely
with their dedicated teachers and residential instructors, ensuring that
each student is approached with respect, compassion, and professionalism.
More about staff here.

Learn about the Application Process here.