Summer Camps for High Functioning Autism

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Every Winter and Spring parents start to look forward to the months where the weather starts to warm up, and the rigors of school get to put on the shelf for one more year. For an increasing number of families finding summer camps for high functioning autism becomes a priority.

summer camps for high functioning autism

Since the early days of summer camps, parents find a bit of a break from their children with some time away. The nostalgia of camp is real. Long summer days filled with swimming, paddling, hiking, making friends, art projects, dunk tanks, and lifelong memories! This is a win-win situation for everyone, parents feel the benefit of time alone, and kids find independence and learn to make friends on their own. Camp is great and a godsend, but what if your child is not neurotypical and you know a traditional camp will not be a good fit? These are concerns we hear every summer from families looking at summer camps for high functioning autism for the first time:

We are worried about bullying

We are concerned about what they will eat?

Are the activities tailored for Atypical campers?

Will they be around other kids like them?

How trained are the staff?

Talisman is the top choice for families searching for Summer camps for high functioning autism! Our summer camp was purpose-built with autism in mind. From the first day, campers arrive at Talisman to the last day they are on campus their entire experience is tailor-made to support them. For many of our new campers, this is the first time they have been in an environment where every other kid their age is just like them. This creates a supportive environment where campers make lifelong friends, and create lasting memories.

Our food is not only healthy, but we take into consideration the needs of our campers and their relationship with food. See what our owner has to say about food at Talisman:

Activities at Talisman are created to meet campers where they are comfortable and provide a safe and supportive environment to push their boundaries. This can look different from one camper to the next, but we are always looking for new opportunities for campers to grow and develop in their summer with us.

Our groups at Talisman are broken up by age and what is developmentally appropriate. Our campers apply to camp and Miss Robiyn reviews all applications to ensure they are a good fit. Once a camper has been approved we communicate the next steps and what they will need for their summer with us. Campers every summer find new friends and feel a part of a larger family at Talisman.

Staff for Talisman is carefully screened and chosen, due to their experience and interest in working with students on the spectrum. We often receive a large number of American and International applications. We review each application and then start interviews. Most of our staff have teaching backgrounds or are interested in working with a special needs population after college.


We know that summer at Talisman will be a life-changing experience full of laughter, inside jokes, memories, and friendships our campers get to enjoy all throughout the year! It is common for Talisman campers to have friends they speak to during the school year and then see once summer starts. These Talisman friendships last years, and are some of the coolest things campers take home with them![

Why Consider Summer Camp for High Functioning Autism for Your Child

Taking your child with Aspergers syndrome to a summer camp is definitely something you should consider. The purpose of summer camp is to provide your child with a healthy environment where he or she will be able to learn, grow socially, and have fun while doing it.  The challenge is finding a sleep away summer camp specially created for your child.

It is proven that children who visit summer camps are more confident, calm, and comfortable in new situations.

Our camp is for everyone! Contact us today to learn more, 828.697.6313

Our Professional and Highly Competent Staff

One of the many reasons why we are the favorite choice among campers and parents is our staff. The success of our camp is based on the passion and dedication towards the work we do from every staff member we have.

Most of our staff members are college students and students who graduate recently. Each and every one of them is experienced and has a degree in psychology, outdoor leadership, and etc. As the leading Aspergers camp Florida families choose we have thousands of applications, and we can choose extremely qualified staff. They know how to best work with children with Aspergers syndrome and they were selected to be on our team because of their compassion, good judgment, and skills to deal with every type of a situation.

Amanda Howell is our admissions counselor and she has been working as a counselor since she was 17 years old. According to Amanda, there is no greater joy than watching all the memories and experiences each child creates at our Aspergers camp Florida families love. As Amanda says, the camp can definitely change your child’s life and it will help him or her grow in a way that every parent will be proud

Testimonials from Parents – What Parents Have to Say about our Camp

We are grateful for your hard work and patience with my child. We can notice so many amazing changes in his behavior and the way he deals with everyday situations. He is his brothers are getting along better than ever before! We definitely will visit you next year! – Talisman Parent

It is so nice to know that there is a place where my child can feel comfortable. I only regret that I didn’t find your camp sooner!  -Talisman Parent

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Does your child have ADHD, autism or Asperger’s syndrome? Are you looking for something fun for them to do over the summer holidays, making connections with like-minded people in a nurturing, loving environment? Here at Talisman, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to embark on summer adventures, worry-free. We’re home to only the most passionate, dedicated directors who develop deep-seated bonds with your children, keeping parents in-the-loop every step of the way. Whether your child is 8 or 17, it’s our job to show them just how fun and inspiring summer can be, with delicious food, enthralling activities…and beyond! Give us a call today at 1-828-697-6313 to unlock your child’s full potential!