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At Talisman Programs, we offer a wide variety of boys and girls ADHD and autism camps for all ages and many interests. We recognize the significant developmental differences between an 8-year-old and an 18-year-old. Although they will cross paths in the dining hall and all-camp campfires, campers of large age differences will not be in groups to do most activities together.

Within the younger programs (Discovery, Sight and Foundations), campers are grouped by an even smaller age difference in their cabins. This ensures that staff members approach them with developmentally-appropriate teaching methods, and that campers can make same-age friends.  Girls and boys are also in separate groups in these programs, as well.

Teen and Young Adult programs stress appreciation of differences, respect, cooperation, and increased personal responsibility.  Some of our programs are specifically for campers on the autism spectrum and others include those with ADHD or other needs.  All programs offer developmentally-appropriate activities and challenges.

To learn more about Talisman Programs and our boys & girls ADHD and autism summer camp programs, please select the appropriate age group.

Children Ages 6 & 7


Children / Pre-Teens Ages 8 – 13 girls autism summer camp

Teens Ages 13 – 17girls autism summer camp

Young Adults Ages 18 – 22 girls autism summer camp

Camp Enrollment is limited. To check availability of sessions for each age group,
feel free to call Robiyn Mims, Admissions Director, at 828-697-6313.