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Specialized Summer Camp – Special Needs Camp Illinois Families Choose

Special Needs Camp IllinoisBased in North Carolina, we are a specialized summer camp for boys and girls ages 6-22 diagnosed with high-functioning Autism, Aspergers syndrome or ADHD.

We dedicate our time to teach campers many things here. These things can help campers accomplish specific goals and dreams in mind. Our experienced and highly qualified staff is responsible for teaching campers everything they should know. Each and every of our staff members is specialized in fields such as communication skills, decision-making skills, time-management, socialization, positive interactions, setting boundaries, self-recognition, and etc.

Meet the Staff at the Camp

Our special needs camp Illinois Teens Love is a perfect play because of the experienced and highly competent staff members. We have witnessed thousands of campers walk into the camp and come again next year looking for new skills to learn and new friends to meet.

The members of our team are chosen because of the knowledge and maturity they possess. Besides this fact, almost all of them have personal experience in working with children, teens, and young adults who are diagnosed with Autism or Aspergers.



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Our professional team have years of knowledge and experience and knows exactly how to handle each situation.

You can schedule a visit, come check our camp, meet the staff members, and ensure we are the best place for your child.

Our educational special needs camp Illinois teens choose is waiting for you!

Illinois : Chicago, Rockford, Elgin, Naperville, Arlington Heights